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Giving over 1000 players and counting a better understanding of their mods, making their roster that much more efficient, and creating a more fun competitive playing experience

Higher Arena Rank | Improved Defense | Higher Raid Score | Optimal GAC Performance | Expert Counters

Get prepared for bigger TW Battles today!

Conquest giving you a hard time? Stress no more as you will be remodded from your strongest team all the way down to your weakest.


Catch Peempo on the following channels: CubsFanHan, DBOfficial125, Ahnaldt101


You have more than earned the name Mod-Father.
Totally different game now as with your remodding, team tabs, and mod load outs has given me the opportunity to;
Take #1 in arena 
Easily clear grand arena 
Raised my point in new Racor pit raid
And so much more.
Following your suggestions in farming.
Better tw and tb output.
Thanks again!

- Sazan 2/4/2021

Thanks again.
Your NS mods are incredibly good in squad arena. Cant wait to use them and the other squads you built in rancor, AAT and triumvate.
Finally, enjoying back this game.

- ZAUQI 1/3/2021

Success Stories

About Peempo

Peempo's Account Services started as a small side hobby in 2018. After seeing and hearing Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes (SWGOH) players struggling with mods and the finer points of optimizing their roster, I saw a great opportunity to start helping my guildmates. Branching into a full-time endeavor at the start of 2019, Peempo has helped countless players create a more fun competitive playing experience.

Who is peempo?

Jameson (Jamie) Parker is a lifelong resident of the midwest, an avid professional football fan and of course, a gamer. A huge star wars fan, Jamie has been playing SWGOH since December 2015 and like so many other players, can't wait to see what is next.

Glowing Keyboard

What we do

We jump directly onto your account, selling off your extra unequipped mods with poor stats, un-modding your whole roster, and re-modding prioritizing arena, sith raid, tw/ga, tb (or whatever game modes you prefer).

We set up load outs for currently equipped mods after they have been re-modded, to easily swap between characters or to reset mods with ease.

We help you have efficient squads set up and ready to go, based on your best available team compositions found. 


Interested in a full account overhaul?

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